12 Best Foods To Help You Burn Fat

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1. Nuts & Nut Butters

nut butter

Nuts are great for fat burning and especially great if you haven’t got a lot of time to prepare snacks, full of good fat, fibre and also protein you will get a good release of energy and be full of for a good amount of time too.

Don’t go nuts though as they are going to be pretty high in calories meaning the portion size won’t look too large, around 25-30g is usually a good small snack or double for a couple hundred calorie snack.

2. Eggs

Some good protein and also fat here, don’t throw away the yolks, they’ve never done anything to harm you (unless they jumped all over your nice clean worktop when you were rushing around at breakfast!).

Another good thing is that it’s pretty much hard to mindlessly overeat them since each one will be roughly around 70 calories and finally they will be great for your focus too with the added anti-inflammatory choline helping your brain stay healthy.

3.  Yogurt


Dairy gets demonised and that’s true if you suffer from lactose intolerance or go for a lot of the lower fat variations which aren’t actually something like good quality greek yogurt.

But most good products will contain probiotics within them and help keep your gut health tip top.  

The gut is essentially your second brain and will provide a lot of the feel-good signals to it, therefore keeping a clear and healthy gut isn’t just essential to losing fat it’s also essential to keep you happy at the same time.

4. Berries

I literally live off of berries and frozen will always come out cheaper I find.

I am not sure how these were created but they are really low in calories but ridiculously sweet, amazing things.

High in fiber and also packed with those amazing things called antioxidants to help your immune system.

5. Avocados

Couldn’t be a food list without Avocados, right?

Some good monounsaturated fats with a high dose of fiber they also have potassium within them which is going to help you keep that bloated feeling away helping the digestion too.

Pretty high in calories so I usually only pop in ½ an avocado at a time when doing plans for clients.

6. Salmon

Not only has salmon got some great protein in, it also has a good amount of good omega-3 fatty acids which have been potentially shown to help reduce inflammation which in turn lowers stress and helps with your body in your mission to burn more fat.

7. Grapefruit

You’ve probably seen the ‘California Diet’ which incorporates grapefruits but whether you believe the studies that grapefruit has magic unicorn potion within it that helps burn fat or not it does have very low calories and is high in….wait for it, antioxidants which are going to keep that immune function nice and high along with a good level of fibre too.

8. Good quality dark leafy greens

I say good quality as you don’t want to go grab the ones which are old, saggy and losing their nutritional value, then again that goes with all of these foods really!

Full of fibre, iron and other nutrients these are very low calorie but also high in volume if you use them right therefore when trying to lower your calories the dinner plate can still appear really full at the same time.

9. Whole grains

Some people are going to demonise gluten and other grains but only if you have a problem and slight intolerance to them do you really need to worry. When starting with a client I may take these out for 3-4 weeks then see if there is a reaction before continuing.

If they’re all good then we can continue. Getting a good source of complex carbohydrates which actually is going to help you produce energy efficiently, most people will cut carbs when dieting which will lower your hydration levels and make you feel pretty crap overall.

10. Whey protein

Now, let’s get this straight first of all, whey protein isn’t going to magically mean you gain a Hulk load of muscle, that requires focused training and good nutrition for a longer period of time.

Whey protein is simply an easily consumed source of protein just like a chicken breast could be for you except it’s really convenient and mobile. It’s going to help you stay full and much better than grabbing a lot of sugary snacks throughout the day.

11. Cinnamon

This goes perfectly for my favourite morning snack given the last two items, I chuck cinnamon on top of my oats after mixing in some whey protein, it’s pretty amazing to be honest, much better than the lumpy porridge you used to get as a child!

Cinnamon has also been shown to have a positive impact on blood sugar levels, aid your body with insulin sensitivity and help reduce the accumulation of belly fat, go on, do that cinnamon challenge, dare you!

12. Turmeric

Last one here, turmeric. Great with chicken and veg when making curries but also it has a rich flavor meaning it can actually help you boost the taste of many meals.

On top of this, there have been studies which have shown it is favorable in lowering inflammation and the growth of fat tissue, win-win.

These are just some of the foods you would be able to add into your diet along with a good exercise routine to allow your body to burn more fat and hit your weight loss goals quickly.

As always I will advise to be patient, as super as some of these foods sound and despite many marketing schemes there isn’t really a ‘superfood’ for fat loss which will be better than a sustainable nutrition and exercise plan specifically designed for you, if you want that then let’s look at chatting as soon as possible.

If you’d like to talk about your own personal plan for dieting and an exercise routine that is designed especially for you then feel free to contact me and let’s talk.