My 120 Pounds, Non Surgical Weight Loss

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My 120 Pounds Non Surgical Weight Loss

Kristel has made an amazing transformation, here is her story of her 120 pounds non surgical weight loss! Follow her on Instagram at @kristeloreto and check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

“My transformation from 306lb to 178lb was far from easy. However, in both work and life I thrive on overcoming challenges. I have always been proud of my body even when being overweight. As we age our outlook on life and perspectives change.

After my heart was broken from ending a long personal relationship I channeled my frustrations into working out and living a healthier lifestyle. Soon I began to see results which caused me to become more driven. I have become a new person through positive life changes. Though I strive for perfect every day I admit I do take the occasional weekend off exercising and eating healthy.

I have decided to share this experience with others so you may know you are not alone. I sincerely hope my story helps others to begin making more positive life decisions. I began eat cleaner smaller portions of food and training my abdominal.

  • May 2014 I had a breast lift accompanied by 533cc implants to replace the mass removed for the lift (44dd to a 36G)
  • July 2014 I joined planet fitness. I began doing low to mild intensity cardio 3 days a week, eating small portions and continued making healthy food choices.
  • Dec 2014 I removed pork, soda, and fruit juice from of my diet.
  • Jan 2015 I increased cardio to 4-5 days a week. At this point I was down 60lb. I now started using a minor instead of a scale to judge my physique and focus on areas I felt needed improvement.
  • Aug 2015 now 240lb size13-14 xl. I increased my cardio to 5-6 days a week.
  • End of 2015 I began a training schedule consisting of cardio 6 day a week along with weight training 5 days a week while continuing to eat clean.

On 2016, I regularly eat clean 5-6 days per week. My training consists of 30-60 minutes of cardio and weights 5 days week. ?NO LAPBAND or GASTRO?No loose excess skin ?No corset training”

5 Day Cardio Routine for Home and Gym

Inspired by Kristel’s story, we’ve compiled a 5 days a week 30-60 minute cardio workout you can also follow. Cardio is considered as one of the best kinds of workouts to get those calories burning and losing fat. Going through a cardio workout is super intense and draining. For beginners, doing cardio at the gym can be a little intimidating.

Here is a full five day cardio routine for everyone. You can try this workout routine at home and at the gym too. The workout routine is a thirty minute drill. You can do it on alternate days or do it for five days straight and get a little jogging done on the weekends.

Why should you follow this routine?

This cardio workout routine incorporates all the benefits of doing cardio. You’ll immediately see the effects on your health and life. This workout routine will help you improve your wellbeing, mood, stamina, and metabolism and reduce risks of illnesses. This routine is also really beneficial for those who practice HIIT (High-intensity interval training). The exercises are a great way to calm the body down after the intense training.

The Workout

This cardio workout routine is a thirty minute session that you can do twice if you want an hour’s worth of exercise. You can either do it on alternate days or do it five days a week.

Each exercise focuses on either the entire body or specific parts. If you do it for thirty minutes, you’ll be burning 168-289 calories. The exercises don’t need any kind of equipment.

This routine uses 15 exercises in a group of 3. You’ll have to do each exercise two times in a 40 second on and 10 second off circuit.

Note that you should always do an adequate warm up and cool down cardio routine before and after the main routine.

The total time to complete this routine is 30 minutes. To increase impact, you can do the same routine in two rounds.

Exercises in groups of three

Group 1

  • High Knee Push
  • Forward Step Rows
  • Lateral Step Pulls

Do each exercise in a 40 seconds on 10 seconds off circuit twice. These exercises prepare the body for the gradual intensity build that is to follow in the following exercises.

Note that you should not stop in the 10 seconds off time period. A light on the spot sprint or jog will help the body stay active.

Group 2

  • Stutter Jacks
  • High Plank Knee
  • Up Facing Planks

These exercises are to be done in the same 40 seconds on 10 seconds off circuit twice.

If you want to build up on a more vigorous routine, do the same circuit four times instead of two.

The 10 seconds off time should be spent being active. You can stretch or do a little sprint in the same place.

Group 3

  • Flutter kicks
  • High Kick
  • Forwards and Backward Hops

Following the same 40 seconds off, 10 seconds on circuit, these exercises will strengthen your core muscles and will function on the rest of your body too.

As the exercises gets more intense, you’ll gradually start feeling the impact it has on your muscle groups.

It is important to stay active during the 10 seconds off. If you stop body movement, there are high chances of muscle pull and strain.

Group 4

  • Bow and twist
  • Lateral Hops or Jumps
  • Walk Downs

While doing these exercises, you will start to feel your muscles working and you’ll sweat a lot!

These exercises are super fast calorie burners. Since it makes the entire body work, you’ll get the maximum results.

Keep yourself active throughout the routine to avoid unnecessary cramps. Breathe in and out during the whole workout and let the muscles do their work.

Group 5

  • Hooks, Uppercuts, Jacks in 2 sets each
  • Up and Over Steps
  • High Knee Holds

The last group in this cardio workout routine is intense and works the entire body and muscle group to give a high intensity impact. Do not stand still during the 10 second break between the two circuits in this group.

Each hook, uppercut and jack is to be done twice in one circuit.

Post-Workout Ritual

While doing the workout, keep yourself hydrated. Best is to drink water or a non-aerated energy drink. Avoid sipping on a protein shake or anything heavy.

Additionally, do a cool down exercises so that the body can calm down and you can avoid muscle cramping. You can use this cardio workout routine as a stack with other routines that you might be following.

You can also customise the intensity of each exercise depending on how low or high impact you want them to be.

Moreover, this is a perfect recovery workout if you do it in its low impact form.


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