3 Steps To Hitting Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions

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It’s coming up to that time of year again where we dive into our mind to find the things we really want to change in our lives, set new goals and aim to work out a way to achieve them.

Every year I see so many people set out to accomplish weight loss goals but time after time I have noticed those same people drop off after starting so well, only to make the same resolution the following year.

What is actually going to be different this year?

Here I am going to share with you the three biggest tips I give to anyone looking to succeed long term with their weight loss goals and these can be implemented at any time of the year, not just in January.

1. Pick a plan that is realistic and allows you to succeed every week.

We start out with great intentions to get to the gym 6 times a week and eat a salad for both lunch and dinner every day but long term this is not only really boring it is not sustainable if you want to have that thing call ‘a life’.

I like to see where someone is currently and change up the smallest things to get the biggest impact. If someone currently takes 2,000 steps a day then maybe 3-4,000 is better to aim for than 10,000.

If someone currently eats no fruit and veg I will bring it in gradually rather than a total diet overhaul.

If someone doesn’t go to the gym but wants to start then I get them there 2-3 times a week for short sessions or even start working out at home using body weight movements or some basic equipment.

The biggest plans people seem to adopt are the shake diets or the ones which essentially sell you a ‘magic pill’ or tell you foods are ‘syns’ then demonise you because you may not have lost weight.

The issue with these is they won’t take into account you’re actually holding more water because you’re on your period when you have your weekly weigh in. I will go into a bit more detail about the shake or very low calorie diets in the third tip.

2. Find a way of keeping yourself accountable

Accountability really is the magic pill if ever there actually was one (OK, I said don’t go for a magic pill diet…) Whatever your goals I find accountability is the key to hitting them and it comes in many forms.

You can get an accountability partner to train with meaning you have a responsibility or agreement that you will get out of bed and train on those cold mornings. Hire a coach to hold you accountable.

Someone once said to me that ‘those who don’t pay, don’t pay attention’ and whoever I have coached will always tell you it’s the accountability which has been the priceless factor. We may make mistakes but essentially eating healthier isn’t rocket science to figure out by looking meals up online or on YouTube nowadays.

Accountability is the key which will mean you actually do the things you are saying you are going to do.

3. Take progress pictures, measurements and journal how you feel rather than just weight loss measurements.

In a world where we are seemingly judged by everything we do on social media you may shy away from taking a picture and leaving it untouched, yes… #NoFilter.

But taking a picture can be the easiest way of seeing progression when you think that you’re not getting the results from the work you’re putting in.

Add these to measurements around main body parts and even journaling about how you feel, will allow you to notice progress on those days when the scales tell you you’re a failure.

And that goes for the other thing, scales. Scales are a way of seeing a number and I love seeing this number drop just like any other person with weight loss as their goal. On that note let’s switch it to fat loss shall we? The scales will tell you one reading which can fluctuate depending on the day and even the time of the month for you too ladies.

If you’re on your period or close to it you may be holding a lot of water. I have actually seen people putting on around 7- 8lbs in extreme cases and this isn’t fat.

You may feel a bit more bloated but it is just water retention and stepping on the scales right now won’t do your mind much good either in my opinion.

Again this goes for those shake diets which are very low calorie and will make you lose weight quickly.

They drain your body of hydration and energy stores along with lowering your immune function and making you feel pretty crap long term but hey…the scales will drop for a week or two until you stagnate, get frustrated and end up probably quitting.

The biggest way to succeed with your goals is to pick a method which empowers you to feel great, give you energy and drop the fat with a sustainable nutrition and exercise routine which you actually enjoy.

Because is life really that great if you’re not allowed a donut every now and then?