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About Transform Fitspo

Meet Hayley and Find out About Her Amazing Journey to Transformation and Creation

Hayley was just like any other young professional. She was focused on her career, but as soon as Saturday hit she was a “weekend warrior.” You name it, she did it.

Backpacking in the wilderness, rock climbing, it seems she did it all. She was in her element when she was physically active. But that was natural for her because growing up she was always a little bit of a tomboy. So she was no stranger to getting physical.

That all changed, however, with her first pregnancy. It was a difficult pregnancy. There were complications. And eventually, her doctor ordered her to stay on bedrest during her third trimester.

This was one physical challenge Hayley couldn’t conquer. She was out of her element and felt like her body had betrayed her. Seemingly grounded from her normal activity level, Hayley sought solace from somewhere else.

She began to eat. At first, she was eating to gain weight. She wanted her baby to be healthy and she was a little underweight. Her earlier pregnancy complications left her with little appetite and feeling sick all the time.

It looked like her bedrest was doing the trick, though. Because her appetite came back with a vengeance. Rest and medication were working. So she made up for lost time.

Soon, her carefully planned meals grew out of proportion. While she did start out eating the same healthy snacks she did before her pregnancy, cravings introduced new foods into her diet.

At first, she didn’t think anything of it. A little bit of junk food now and then wouldn’t hurt her or the baby. And she was right, to a certain extent.

Post Pregnancy, Postpartum

Hayley’s life changed in ways that she hadn’t anticipated after she had the baby. Choosing to spend more time with her child left less and less time for work. While she was happy with her decision, she often wondered where the old “her” ran off to.

In addition, she just couldn’t be as physically active as she used to be. Even working out at home became a hassle. She did try at first. But in her head she reasoned that she would rather grab a quick nap while the baby was asleep.

Who would want to exert more energy for exercise? She was exhausted!

Her eating habits didn’t improve post-pregnancy either; junk food crept into her daily diet more and more. Pretty soon she was eating more preservative-laden food than she’d ever eaten in her life. She had no excuse, but she couldn’t stop.

She was just so tired all the time and didn’t have the energy to exercise much less make a healthy meal. So, she opted to grab frozen dinners and junk food while she could. And instead of shedding post-baby weight, she started to gain more.

All of it was taking a toll on Hayley. Her lack of energy, exercise, and healthy diet was causing her to feel awful about herself. And this was supposed to be a joyous time in her life.

Reality Check

One day a friend stopped by to visit Hayley. They were friends from childhood who had always kept in touch. Although Hayley and her friend hadn’t seen each other in a while, they still remained close.

It was the boost that Hayley needed, in more ways than one. The two friends were flipping through old photos when one caught her eye. It was of her winning a swimming competition in high school.

She stood proudly in that photo holding her trophy up high. Hayley remembered how hard she trained to get to that point. And she eyed the toned body in the photo. That used to be her.

Why wasn’t it anymore?

After her friend’s visit, Hayley kept the photo out. Looking at it made her feel good. So she kept it taped to her mirror where she could see it when she began and ended her day. Soon, however, it went from staring at the photo as a nice memory to comparing the photo to her present body.

As she stared she wondered, “Why not now?” And how had she gotten to the point where the person she saw in the mirror looked so different? It’s been almost a decade since that picture was taken, but up until the past few years she had always been active.

And what was really stopping her? Sure, she had the challenge of motherhood in front of her. But challenges had never stopped her before.

And this time she was competing against herself. Could she do it? That swimsuit photo wasn’t that long ago. And she’d always loved being athletic.

Turning It Around

Hayley knew she couldn’t just jump into her old exercise routines. Her life had changed. She had changed.

So she started researching ways to do it differently. Through social media she got in touch with other women who were in the same boat as her. Some women were trying to get back into shape after pregnancy. Others had body issues that left them in a negative spiral of increasingly unhealthy behavior and negative self-image.

All of these women had one thing in common though: They wanted to change. And so did Hayley.

She started compiling all these secrets and tips and worked through them herself in her own life. Some didn’t work at all. While others seemed to be so miraculous that she wondered why every woman didn’t know it.

And all the while, she shared her journey with her online sisterhood. They were a solid foundation that Hayley leaned on during times of discouragement. They also celebrated each other’s triumphs.

Soon, Hayley was well on her way back to a healthy new her. She felt better about herself and her body. And she was on a new mission.

Hayley wanted to help other women, women like her who needed to challenge themselves to transform their bodies. So she started transformfitspo.com. She realized that women had different reasons for being in their own unhealthy state. So it may take multiple aspects to achieve individual fitness goals in the transformation.

Using what she learned, she compiled workouts, programs, and advice for anyone out there who feels the challenge to transform their body. From lean and healthy to bodybuilder fierce, Hayley wanted every woman out there to know that it’s in them to get the body that they want. And Transform Fitspo is there to support them every step of the way.