Best Foam Roller For Beginners of 2020 – Complete With Reviews And Comparison

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A foam roller is a fantastic tool in a lot of ways. They can be used for regular stretching, physical therapy, yoga and more. In addition, those who suffer from various forms of back pain can get a lot of help while using these tools. If you haven’t shopped for a foam roller before, you may not know what to look for. To help you with finding a solid, reliable option, take a look at these 5 best foam roller for beginners.

Top 5 Foam Roller Comparison Chart

First Choice Yes4All Foam Roller $ 4.5/5
Second Choice ProSource Foam Rollers $ 4.2/5
Third Choice Feel Great Foam Roller $ 4.1/5
Fourth Choice Day 1 Fitness Foam Roller $ 4.3/5
Fifth Choice CanDo Foam Roller $ 4.4/5




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Foam Roller Reviews


Yes4All Foam Roller

If you like the ability to choose from a wide selection as well as a highly affordable price, this is the option for you.


The Yes4All foam rollers are an option that allows you to choose from three different colors as well as four different sizes. That way, just about anyone with any needs will be able to get the exact roller for them, no matter what it’s for. Furthermore, these options are also very lightweight in order to allow for ease of use as well as the ability to take the foam roller with you if you need it while traveling. For added ease, this is an option that includes a 1-year guarantee that is absolutely unconditional.


  • Highly affordable
  • Great for osteoporosis
  • Offers great variety


  • Can become flat
  • Customer service problems
  • Unpleasant Odors

ProSource Foam Rollers

If you don’t mind paying a small amount more for a quality product, the ProSource Foam Roller is worth your attention.


When it comes to stretching out tight muscles, there are many who find this foam roller to be the perfect tool. There are a variety of lengths to choose from, and you can get a half-roll if that’s what will work best for your needs. Whether it’s for physical therapy or improving your balance, you really can’t go wrong with these rollers. They might come at a slightly higher price than other options, but they are still very affordable.


  • Great for sciatica
  • Relieves pain
  • Firm but gentle


  • Not very dense
  • Can easily deform
  • May be too hard

Feel Great Foam Roller

This roller is an ideal choice for those who are looking for simplicity, quality, and a great price.


Many users who have tried this option find it to have just the right amount of firmness for their needs. It’s a fantastic option for yoga and back pain relief alike. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that some customers might find that it’s too soft and loses shape too easily. If you notice any of those kinds of issues, make sure to contact customer service. Otherwise, this makes for a great option for beginners and professionals alike.


  • Ideal firmness
  • Great size variety
  • Fantastic for yoga


  • Can lose shape
  • May be too soft
  • Can be too small

Day 1 Fitness Foam Roller

If you like a foam roller that is colorful as well as useful, check out the Day 1 roller.


Not only is this option one that works well, it also comes in a variety of bright, cheerful colors to make it stand out from most other options. Along with that color does come to a slightly higher price, but for many, it’s worth the added cost. Those who try out these rollers find that they contain just the right amount of density for their needs, making it fantastic for physical therapy. However, for some, it might be a little too thick to get a comfortable stretch.


  • High density
  • Great color selection
  • Perfect for physical therapy


  • May be too thick
  • There can be breaks
  • Can be painful to use

CanDo Foam Roller

The CanDo roller is perfect for those who prefer to keep it simple.


Though it might not look like much, this roller is one that is thought to be very reliable for most users. It’s made to be the perfect thickness and is made with a surface skin that keeps it from changing shape too easily. Consequently, this option works perfectly well for yoga, stretching and physical therapy. It might not have the bright colors that other options provide, but it’s sturdy, durable and able to get the job done. Keep in mind that it might be too hard for some users.


  • Great for physical therapy
  • Durable
  • Sturdy


  • Price may be too high
  • Can be too hard
  • Maybe too short

Wrapping Up

Due to the combination of price, variety, and ability, the Yes4All Foam Roller holds the top spot on this list. It’s a colorful option that allows you to choose from different lengths so you can get the best possible results for your unique needs.

If you would prefer something that focuses more on quality than color, you can also take a look into the CanDo Foam Roller.