Body Transformation Plan – My Small Steps to Get You Big Weight Loss Results

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My Body Transformation Plan

Brenna has made an amazing transformation, here is some advice from her about her body transformation plan! She explains that the physical transformation isn’t the most important result of a body transformation plan, but the mental and spiritual are also awesome results. Follow her on Instagram at @brennaalex and check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

“The physical transformation is only part of the story. It’s the mental, spiritual, emotional part of the journey that will truly amaze you! Although it can’t necessarily be captured in a photo (therefore we post photos of our physical bodies changing) I can assure you that what’s happening on the INSIDE is even more profound.

See, anyone can change their exterior but what good does that do if you’re not learning, growing, adapting, changing bad habits, building confidence, strength & poise etc.. eventually it’ll come to the surface as a temporary result. My goal is to help inspire you all to dig deeper than you ever have. It’s never easy to identify your own personal weaknesses (internal not just physical) and push forward to CHANGE them. But by doing so, you’ll make changes that’ll last a lifetime!

Don’t get caught up in excuses today, even if it’s just for today, DO the things you WANT to do that you know will bring you one step closer to your health goals ❤️ maybe that’s journaling your food intake, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to the store, skipping the take/out & making a home cooked meal, wearing a skirt or tank top without picking yourself apart first… These are all stepping stones to a healthier YOU.

Mind, Body & Soul ?”