? BOOTY BURSTER: Get Ready for Rapid Bum Growth! Get Sexy Curves with this 30 Minute Women’s Workout

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Feel the summer vibes cause this workout sure knows how to make you look hot in that bikini!


booty exercises


Standing Calf Raises





A plie foot placement method can be used for a number of different exercises, as it helps to work the different muscles of the calves.

The calf muscles have a multitude of movements and as such you should aim to perform calf raises in a both a normal – plie and inverted exercise format.

Point your toes out to the side at about 45 degrees, smoothly raise your heels off the ground, holding in the upper phase for 2 – 3 seconds, prior to returning your heels towards the ground.

Focus on keeping your foot straight throughout the movement, avoid any twisting movements.

This method can be used to work either one foot – both feet – or even a combination of one foot normal (facing forward) one foot Plie.

Stretch and Warm Up before you commence any exercise and aim to finish with some good stretching to let your body and mind recover.


Romanian Deadlift





The romanian deadlift is a great variation on the standard deadlift to really work your hamstrings. Perform it in the same way as a standard deadlift, but don’t bend your knees.

As you lean forwards, you will feel a stretch hamstring. As this builds, squeeze your hamstrings to bring your torso back upwards.

As with standard deadlifts, be extra careful to do them slowly and carefully. Do not arch or curve your back, you will instantly regret it.


Plank Reach Through





  1. Get into a push up position, with your hands on the floor below your shoulders, and your feet spaced slightly apart. Keep your spine in a neutral position.
  2. Reach one arm out in front of you, tensing your core for stability.
  3. Slowly tense your core and reach your arm under you, raising your hips at the same time as you tense your core.
  4. Touch your opposite knee with your hand.
  5. Return your arm to its initial position. This is one rep. Repeat on the other side.


On Side Hip Raises





This is a great way to use your bodyweight to really work your obliques.


  1. From side plank position, making sure your elbow is directly underneath your shoulder, lower your body until your hips touch the ground. You can have your feet scissored (as shown) or on top of each other.
  2. Tense your obliques (side abs) to raise your body back up to a proper side plank position, with your neck and spine in a neutral position.







Swimmers are a great way to work your whole body whilst giving your lower back a workout.


  1. Lie on your stomach and squeeze your glutes as hard as you can, raising both legs off the ground.
  2. Reach forwards with your arms, keeping your palms facing downwards a few inches above the ground.
  3. Lift your alternate arm and leg up into the air, squeezing all of the muscles from your shoulders down to your glutes. This is one rep.
  4. Repeat with the other arm rapidly.



Hover Lunge





The hover lunge is a killer modification of the lunge.

This bodyweight exercise is very challenging, but great for anyone looking to develop their stability or to really push their leg strength and size without weights.


  1. Stand on one leg, bending your opposite knee and having that foot out behind your body.
  2. Squeeze your core and your quads. Extend your arms forward as you bend your straight leg. At the same time, extend your opposite leg behind you, keeping your knee bent.
  3. Lower down until your knee is an inch or two off the ground.
  4. Slowly straighten the leg you’re standing on, bringing your arms and other leg in at the same time for stability. This is one rep. Take your time, this is a difficult move and stability is difficult!
  5. Repeat on the other leg.


Glute Bridge to Leg Raise




This variation of the glute bridge helps remove some stability whilst working your legs.

  1. Perform a standard glute bridge.
  2. At the top of the glute bridge, tense your hip flexors and abs, bringing one knee up until it’s directly above you.
  3. Return your leg slowly back down to the ground. This is one rep.
  4. Repeat with the other leg.


Donkey Kicks





  1. Start on your hands and knees. Have your hands directly below your shoulders.
  2. Squeeze your glute, kicking one leg backwards towards the sky with your knee bent, squeezing at the top for 2-3 seconds.
  3. Slowly return the leg until you’re on both knees. This is one rep.
  4. Repeat for the other leg.



Side Plank Leg Raises





The beginner side plank leg raise is a challenging lower body and core exercise that targets the obliques and outer thighs. This exercise is suitable for any fitness level.


  1. Start in a modified side plank position with you lower leg bent at the knee supporting most of your body weight.
  2. Make sure your elbow is tucked underneath your shoulder and your hips are raised. Keep you top leg straight and your toes pulled in slightly.
  3. Raise you leg up and down with control for the recommended number of repetitions.


Bulgarian Split Squat





The split squat is a great exercise that you’ll feel all day.


    1. Place the ball of one foot on a stable, elevated platform behind you. Put your weight mainly on your front leg that is in front of the platform. When you perform the squat your knee should be directly over your foot at your lowest point. This determines for far in front of the platform your foot should be.
    2. Bend the knee of your front leg and lower yourself down into a single leg squat. Keep your core tight. Lower yourself until your knee is directly above your foot and your other knee is an inch or two above the floor. Hold for 2-3 seconds.
    3. Squeeze your glutes, raising yourself back up to the starting position. This is one rep.
    4. Repeat for the other leg.

booty exercises



There is a reason we are called Transformfitspo! We believe in your power to transform your body, and we have the tools to show you how!

Whether you are dealing with a flat, shapeless derriere, a flabby butt that lacks definition, or the dreaded spread, you CAN change your body with a little work and persistence. By following this exercise series, you can firm up your butt, get more roundness and definition, and fill out those jeans in a pleasing way.

Another perk of a bigger butt is an increase in that beautiful, feminine, hourglass shape, emphasizing your waist by contrast, and giving you a body you will be proud to take to the beach!

What are the muscle of the booty, and how can you work them to transform the shape of your behind?

The three main muscles of the rear end are generally known as the “glutes”. These include the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. These muscles are in charge of much of the movement, including rotation and extension of the hips, and are activated in moments like squats, bridges, leg based heavy lifting, and more.

These muscles, like almost all muscles in the body, are covered with a layer of fat and fascia known as the panniculus adiposus. In order to fully see the definition of the butt muscles that you are building with this workout, you also will need to take this panniculus adiposus into consideration in regards to your appearance.

Each person's panniculus adiposus is shaped by genetic factors, (that’s why your butt probably looks something like your mom’s butt or your paternal grandmother’s butt), and by your weight and fitness level. Doing this workout, paired with healthy eating habits and a calorie deficit, will help you see the rear end transformation you are looking for.

As you lose weight, you can build muscle by working out at these exercises, and doing cardio workouts like brisk walking, running or jogging, biking, aerobics, dance, and Zumba. You can help your body build muscles by increasing your lean protein intake, which will also help you lose weight by making your body feel satisfied by filling proteins that allow you to cut down on carbs.

The more you remove excess fat in the area of your buttocks, through diet and cardio exercise, the more you will be able to shape and to see the shape of your butt muscles as they grow, creating a higher, rounder butt that many of us strive towards. 

The Glutes

gluteus maximus

The gluteus maximus is the main muscle in the buttocks that is responsible for shaping them. This is a large muscle all along the back of your rear end, that creates that round, or bubble butt shape.

We live in a great day and age. Not long in the past, round or large butts were out of fashion.

A thin, gaunt, and waif-like figure was the preferred shape for women. Flat butts were in vogue until recent years, when Derriere Heroes like Beyonce, J. Lo, Nikki Menage, and of course, Kim Kardashian, have revolutionized women’s body norms in our generation, paving the way for big round butts to come back into style.

Evolutionarily this makes sense, as primates are wired for mating by females presenting large, swollen backsides that indicate fertility, and draw the male gaze and attention their way. Some monkeys even have colored rear ends that make sure that their large butts can’t be missed.

And what are humans but advanced primates? Baby loves back. It’s so natural, it’s Bootylicious!

So exercises that work your gluteus maximus will help you stand out...and get your behind standing at attention. Remember the stair master?

Well, climbing stairs is one of the best ways to get your glutes working throughout the day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. 

The Exercises

Calf Raise

Standing calf raises are a safe way to work your gluteus maximus. From a low position with your knees bend deeply, raise and lower your heels from the ground.

You will instantly feel your glutes stand at attention. Set a timer for 60 seconds, and shake it out in between, while visualizing your butt standing round and proud. REPEAT for a total of 3 sets.

Romanian deadlifts are a more advanced exercise involving weights. Start with very light weights, 1-2 pounds, if you are a beginner, and build up to a heavier weight.

If you have back problems, you should probably skip this exercise or seek the help of an experienced trainer to determine when it will be safe for you to add this exercise. If you are in good shape, you will find that this one really works your tush: 3 sets of 60 seconds each.

Plank reach through will take your breath away. Combining core strength with glute strength, you will know how hard you are working your body with this one!

Do 2 sets of 60 seconds as well, alternating right and left sides (30 seconds for each side). This doubles as interval training, which helps with weight loss and metabolism jump starting.

On side hip raises will work on the overall shape of your behind area, and have you crying for mercy! Use a mat as the floor can be hard on your arms and elbows: 3 sets of 30 on alternating sides.

The bridge, into the leg raise, the squat, and the donkey kick, below are all exercises that target and work the gluteus maximus muscle. You will feel this!

The great thing about our exercise series is that it combines glute muscle targeting with interval training, meaning you will be burning a lot of calories during these exercises, which helps burn fat and add to the muscle definition in the area. You will also feel an increase in your heart rate and breathing, a sign that falls into the category of a cardio workout as well!

We have done the work to provide you with the perfect Booty Busting Workout.  Your job: just do it!

If you find it is really hard, just start with one repetition of each exercise on each side, three times a week. When it starts to get a bit easier, add a reception until you get to three on each side.

If you really want to kick start the program, do these exercises daily for maximum results.

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