Caroline Najera on Where She Looks for Fitness Advice

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Caroline Najera is a fitness and nutrition coach, as well as a Herbalife rep. She has over 23,000 followers on Instagram alone (@CarolineGoGetIt24) and is always sure to motivate and encourage you to reach your fitness goals!

I managed to catch Caroline for a quick interview that I’m excited for you to read. Her suggested fitness resources are well worth a look! ✌️❤️


What led you to want to make your lifestyle transformation and where are you at now?

Having been overweight my entire life, I believed it was the norm. 5 years after having my child, I weighed the same as I did the day I gave birth. The day I ran out of breath running after her I knew it was time for change!

What was the hardest part about making your transformation and how did you overcome it?

Deciding to start… but, once I realized WHY I had to, the decision was simple. And it is what has driven me every day since. Every time I feel a huge temptation, I remember my daughters face when she saw my crying because I ran out of breath!



Do you have any favourite fitness resources or information sources?

I had never worked out prior to about 3 years ago. Initially I sought the help of a personal trainer, learned about workout equipment and a lot of the basics. Once I felt confident enough to do it on my own, I look often to google 🙂 

There are countless recources online but Fitness Blenders channel on YouTube has been great, especially for at-home workouts

I also love BodySpace App and they list a number of training programs. My favorite is Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer

If you could only offer one piece of advice, technique or strategy for women looking to transform themselves, what would it be?

Make a decision to start and surround yourself with likeminded people that have the same type of goals. At home, make small changes for the whole family, not just yourself! Enroll the kids in healthy eating and show them how fun it is to make good choices and how great you will all feel together

Do you have any final things you would like to mention?

Please know you are not alone! This is a personal journey yes, but, your decision to make a difference for you and your family is already an inspiration and can help so many like us keep motivated!

To get in touch with Caroline, you can email her at, follow her on Instagram @CarolineGoGetIt24, follow her on Snapchat at CNajera24, check out her Youtube channel and check out her website!