? Crying in the Changing Room to Confident, Fitness Badass… How Did I Do It?

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This badass lady has made an amazing transformation, here is a little motivation from her! Follow her on Instagram at @getfit_ordietryinn and check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

“Wow. The girl who couldn’t go two months before without giving up on herself has made it to 2 years. Emotions run deep. It feels like my birthday and well …it kind of is. This day 2 years ago is when I found my purpose and felt born again. I can’t explain how grateful I am to say today is my 2 year fitness anniversary!

This day holds a special place in my heart, because 2 years ago today.. something inside of me finally clicked and I got The strength to fight the good fight for my health and happiness. I spent years crying in the mirror. Crying in fitting rooms. Tearing myself down and being my own worst enemy. But over these 2 years I have Learned Will power. self love. Dedicated to this thing I kid you not when I say I shed blood, sweat and tears. Moments where I had seen no progress and felt defeated, but I had to stay patient..and believe me it was hard.

To anyone that has followed me at one point, liked a pic, or made a comment, from the bottom of my heart..thank you.”