Transform Whilst Eating Anything with Kate Makkaiova

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Kate Makkaiova has made an amazing transformation, becoming a badass fitness boss in the process. She motivates and inspires on Instagram @DangerousMissK, and teaches about what really works (trust me, she knows) on her blog, Dangerous Kitchen.

Kate has spent years studying what works from world-class bodybuilders, so you can be there is some gold in this interview. Enjoy!✌️❤️

What led you to want to make your lifestyle transformation and where are you at now?

My name is Kate and I always dreamed about being skinny. I tried every diet and managed to lose weight, but unfortunately always I gained it back. On the 1st of January 2013 I gave myself a new years‘ resolution to finally lose weight. As I was having a round birthday that year I had real motivation. The goal was to lose only one or two dress sizes, but I totally fell in love with my progress and lifestyle. I managed to go from a size 16 to size 8, from weighing over 90kg to 65kg. I‘m a flexible dieter, and eat pretty much foods I want. Balanced lifestyle without restriction is what has worked for me. There are no foods off-limits, but every food has a limit. I don‘t see food as good or bad.

I train three to four times a week and go for walks daily, not only for burning calories (I have a sedentary job), but for switching-off too. Now, three years later I‘m a qualified fitness instructor, studying towards becoming a personal trainer and looking forward to help other women to reach their goals without starving themselves. I have realised that it‘s not only about body transformation but mind transformation too, and it‘s not only to look good but feel good and be healthy too. Losing weight brings a lot of health benefits.

What was the hardest part about making your transformation and how did you overcome it?

There are always difficult parts on transformation journeys when you don‘t see change, when the scale doesn’t move, or when you feel your progress stalls. It happens, and even if I wanted to give up I always kept going. To me, it wasn‘t just a quick fix. To me it‘s a lifestyle change and I love working out and eating right.

Do you have any favourite fitness resources or information sources?

I love science-based information. I like infos from Alan Aragon, Lyle Mcdonald, Bret Contreras, Eric Helms and These are the resources that helped me to stay away from all the bullshit in the fitness world. 

If you could only offer one piece of advice, technique or strategy for women looking to transform themselves, what would it be?

Take it as a lifestyle change not a diet, and don‘t look for quick fixes. Try and stay away from women‘s magazines and don‘t forget that.

Slow progress is often better than quick progress; it’s easier to maintain and build on.

Any final things you want to mention?

I have a blog, so if you‘re looking for some nutritious recipes or tricks and tips you can find me at!