Diet Advice I Used to Get My Bikini Body

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Kristina has made an amazing transformation, here is her diet advice for getting that bikini body! Follow her on Instagram at @kristinasaniel and check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

“It’s soon summer and you want to be sexy in your bikini. Everybody knows it. But you need to understand that quick solutions to lose weight in a month do not last in the long run. Unless you make drastic changes in your life, your weight will come back and you will lose the muscle tone you’ve had so much trouble getting.

The yo-yo effect on your body can have serious consequences on your body and can be dangerous to your health, for example by causing diabetes, heart disease and hormonal problems. It is better that you focus on solutions On the long term and on lifestyle changes and not just on your silhouette for your brother’s wedding.

Do not try fad diets. You will see a lot of advertisements on the Internet and in magazines that praise the merits of one regime or another that will make you look like a star in X weeks. However, these regimes are far from realistic and could even be dangerous. You absolutely must not starve yourself.

Consume fewer calories than usual while continuing to eat. You should not follow a diet that prohibits a certain group of foods. Your body needs a wide range of nutrients and dietary diversity so you can stay in shape.
It is also advisable to consume at least 1200 calories per day. You should never go below 1000 calories daily, as this increases the risk of health problems. ❤️”