Does The Watermelon Diet Work?

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There have been some crazy diet fads in the last 10, 20 years and honestly, I have tried a lot of them previously, some were better than others, most were simply just a fad which didn’t even help get me started when I first wanted to drop weight and the best thing they showed me when I actually did drop nearly 100 pounds was simply to NOT use them.

The Watermelon Diet may or may not be one, that is what I am writing this article to let you make your own mind up based around the knowledge I have built up in over a decade in the industry working with thousands of amazing individuals just like yourself in achieving their health and fitness goals.

What Is The Watermelon Diet?

Someone somewhere decided to get this amazing fruit and make it into a kind of dieting protocol.

When I say diet protocol it isn’t going to be something such as a ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting diet, it is something which people use more to cleanse their body.

The problem is that some people see these extreme results and then continue to do it without first off realizing that their results are down simply to extremely low calories and also that in order to detoxify they do not need to go to extremes and their body will simply do this i they stopped eating so much junk, drinking so much alcohol and lowered a little bit of stress in their lifestyle.

The method a lot of people use is to simply eat watermelon only for three days, it’s not long term in this instance and then when they eat their meals again they will substitute snacks along with some desserts with more watermelon.

This will cause first off and extreme calorie deficit along with dropping a lot of glycogen stores within your muscles at the same time, it will make you lose ‘weight’.

What Am I Actually Wanting To Achieve?

Most people who have asked me ‘does the watermelon diet work?’ have had the same response, ‘what do you want to achieve?’ and in practically all cases they are looking for quick weight loss.

It will do this, the weight being what your body weighs and not the amount of fat you have on it which is where a lot of people are going wrong in their entire health journey.

People look at success as a number dropping down on the scales which is one small, very very small marker of progression and a lot of the time the scales do not play ball with us due to various factors, stress levels, exercise levels, food timing, weigh-in time, sleep and even being on your period can make a massive difference in what you weigh.

I have seen clients drop fat but their body ‘weight’ fluctuates by 6-7 pounds up when they are on their period, it really can be a frustrating time if you are just looking at weight as a marker of your success.

The thing most people are looking to achieve when they say ‘weight loss’ or ‘toning’ is simply to lower their fat levels and reveal along with actually build their muscle levels to a point that their body is allowing them to feel the confidence because their curves are where they want them to be.

When people just focus on weight loss the behaviours I have experience from clients who have failed in the past before they came to myself lead to eating disorders and very poor health elsewhere, believe me when I say I know from personal experience that this isn’t a nice place to be psychologically.

I have been there and I am in a position now where I love supporting people to make sure that they do not go down that route.

Do I Need To Do The Watermelon Diet?

effortlessly drop fat without exercising

In short, no, you don’t need to do the watermelon diet, it isn’t necessary and I want to look at it in a different way, why I think differently about this.

The watermelon diet is extreme, it isn’t sustainable but in reality it isn’t wanting to be even known as a sustainable diet, any results you get on them are going to be very short term and it won’t long term help you reduce your levels of fat on your body due to the nature of the diet, how restrictive it is and also how unhealthy it will be for even a short period due to nutrient deficiency.

With the stressful world we live in today we don’t need any help to put more stress on our body let alone our immune system, the nature of this diet is going to do just that, lowered calories, lowered vitamins and minerals over time and even due to the sheer amount of water you’re going to get from this fruit is potentially going to cause you severe diarrhea and bloating, you really won’t be comfortable.

Another thing to note with extreme diets is you can and usually do get an extreme rebound, you end up either binging out or slowing down so much you get ill and suffer from the deficiencies, it isn’t a great route to take.

I advise that if you are looking for a magic pill is is a blend of two things – consistency and accountability through getting your plan sorted specifically for you, no fads, nothing extreme, health, confidence, energy and happiness through good nourishing tactics. If you need help with this, I am here for you, just message.