My Fat to Muscle Transformation – How I Found My Confidence

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My Fat to Muscle Transformation

Nikki has made an amazing fat to muscle transformation, here is a little motivation from her! Follow her on Instagram at @getfitwith_nikk and  check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

“Although I was never obese, I was never comfortable in my own body, I had no confidence in the way I looked or felt. I finally decided to fully commit and do something about it. I always thought I just had to accept the way I looked and that I would always be chubby and hate my body. I have lost 25 pounds and gained confidence and self love.

After transforming my own body I decided I wanted to help and inspire as many other people who felt the same way I did and show that you can transform your body into anything you want! And everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own skin and proud of their body.”

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