My Grain-Free Weight Loss Transformation!

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This extraordinary woman has made an amazing transformation, here is a little motivation from her! Follow her on Instagram at @fitmissbliss and check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

“I have no idea what I weigh b/c I’m on the road…but, I’ve definitely shrunk (size wise) and am feeling GREAT! Weight loss is not my goal any longer- however, it’s always nice to lose some inches and debloat a bit.

For me, eliminating grains and starches from my diet (outside of specific glycogen refeeds) has proven very powerful in transforming my body and shedding body fat- particularly belly fat. I was never one who saw results by eating less of he same crappy food I ate when I was obese. It took a radical shift in my eating style to work for the body I have now- and while it’s not perfect, and never will be (I will always live in the body of some”

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