How Bulking Up Makes It Easy To Pack On More Muscle

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For you to pack on muscle onto your body, you need to bulk up.

Bulking is consuming extra calories than what you normally need on a daily basis so that the additional calories can serve the purpose of packing on more muscle.

This is the most effective way to build up muscle mass fast.

Here is a bit of a calorie analysis; If you consume calories that are less than or equal to the calorie quantity that your body burns per day, your body will not have the capacity to pack on more muscle. It will be using the available calorie supply to sustain your normal body function and won’t have any extra supply to use to build mass.

The reverse also applies if there is a surplus that it can use to build more muscle.

Planning A Bulk

When getting into a bulking period, you need to first ascertain how much muscle mass you want to pack up, the fat-to-muscle gain ratio that’s suitable for you, and the amount of time you want to take it.

Bulking Strategies To Pack On More Muscle

1. Eat Enough Food

This will come in handy if you are new to the whole idea of bulking and calorie tracking process.

If you’ve not been monitoring your calories and macros, you may get the impression that the amount of food you are taking in is extreme.

If, for example, you weigh around 180 pounds and are 6-foot tall, you’ll need to consume at least 2,500 calories on a daily basis.

You’ll need to work out your calories and macros on the basis of your body composition, and the level of activity you engage in throughout the day.

2. Take In More Carbohydrates

Carbs help a great deal in bulking up and building more muscle with minimal body fat.

Consuming carbs after a workout session is super effective since they stimulate insulin which then helps transport glycogen to the muscles.

Below is a short video about some of the best carbs for muscle growth:

This will then reduce the accumulation of fat and facilitate more muscle gain.

3. Drink Shakes

Sometimes the feeling of being excessively full can be so irritating and yet you’ve not hit your calorie target for the day. An effective way is to replace a meal with a shake.

Blending meals such as bananas, avocado, oatmeal, protein powder, spinach, coconut oil, and so on into a drink and consuming it that way will make it way easier to consume more calories at a go.

4. Use Supplements

Protein and creatine are the most important elements that you need in the bulking process. Creatine is a naturally produced molecule in your body that provides energy to your muscles.

Taking it as a supplement will help increase the phosphocreatine stores in your body which then facilitates the production of ATP energy at higher levels to power your muscles during intense exercise.

Protein supplements increase the supply of protein in your body and also help in protein synthesis. This facilitates stronger workouts which in turn result in muscle gain.

There are many bulking supplements on sale in the market.

Some are just pathetic and a complete health hazard. Stay away from them.

So which supplement is the best to use is the question you may be asking?

We’ve analyzed several and settled on one supplement that has proven to be effective. Check out this CrazyBulk review.