How I Got Fit and Prevented Diabetes

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Lobke has made an amazing transformation, here is a little motivation from her! Follow her on Instagram at @lobsgetsfit and check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

“I am so thankful to have made the decision to change my life. Being the girl on the left weighing in at 233 lbs at only 33 had its toll on me. I couldn’t walk very far without getting back pain, I was out of breath walking up the stairs & I was borderline diabetic! I knew I couldn’t live like that anymore, not only was my health suffering but so was my mental state of health. I was depressed, I stopped caring about myself and my appearance.

I hated socialising and never really left the house unless it was to go to work. Everyday I was just living to make it trough the day.

One morning in March 2015 I woke up and realised I was throwing away my life, I HAD to do something about it. The thought was daunting, I knew it was going to be a long ride and I would have a lot of obstacles along the way. But something had to change.

So I joined @weightwatchers and got myself a @fitbit.

I started walking every day at lunch time and soon the weight started dropping off. Once I lost a bit of weight, I decided to get back in the gym and take classes.

By Christmas I had lost 75 lbs. I am not embarrassed to say that since then I’ve struggled to continue on my journey and ended up gaining 10lbs.

But I am finally back on track and have another 5 lbs to go to my lowest weight last christmas. The time frame you do it in isn’t important, it’s not a race.

You can take your time, weight loss isn’t a straight line down every week. There will be weeks where you will gain, give in to a takeaway or skip the gym. And that’s fine, we all do it.

What’s important is that you never stop trying and you never ever give up?”