How To Keep Going When It Gets Really Tough!

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Rachel has made an amazing transformation, here is her story and advice on how she managed it! Follow Rachel on Instagram at @rachellmoniquee and the original story post on our Instagram is here.

“So I always get the “how do you stay motivated I always start but it’s so hard & I give in because i don’t see change” or the “how long did it take you to loose the weight”.

Here is my answer… It shouldn’t be about you finding something to motivate you YOU should be your own motivation not necessarily about gaining “the perfect body” but about becoming healthy & making life changes don’t give up at the 2 month mark because you can’t lose the weight hit or your body goal then go back to eating pizza donuts & hot cheetos making you gain the weight back leading you back to square one.

Enjoy the process don’t give in because your whole life you have been feeding your body garbage your body needs time don’t rush me loosing weight fast came w/ a bunch of health complications.

Don’t quit at ANYTHING you do! It’s not about the outcome take pride in what you do & IMPOSE YOUR WILL!!!

Give yourself the opportunity to invest in yourself!✨

I am here for you all I’m doing this with you guys I know it’s hard but you CAN do it!”