Instagram Transformer Engagement Group

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Instagram Engagement Groups: The Fastest Way to Turbocharge Your Relevant Follower Growth.

Hello badass fitness chics!

It’s time to turbo-charge your Instagram growth by teaming up to help each other!

If you’re not familiar with Engagement groups (also known as DM groups, boost groups, comment pods, power likes etc.), let me explain!

Engagement groups are when groups of people with Instagram accounts that have similar audiences, agree to like and comment on each others content. Instagram DM groups can support up to 15 people doing this together.

Instagram’s algorithm ranks your content based on how much relevant engagement it gets. Engagement groups help with this because each time you post content, you can have 100+ relevant accounts (1,000+ followers each) like and comment on that content.

When Instagram’s algorithm sees this engagement for your posts, it knows that your content is good, and therefore:

  • Instagram shows your content to more of your followers, giving you more engagement.
  • Instagram makes your content rank for more competitive hashtags, giving you more followers.
  • Instagram shows your content to the followers of all the influencers that just engaged with that content through the “Explore” page, giving you massively more followers.

Engagement groups are the most effective way to grow your Instagram account. They are one of the only ways to grow at over 1,000 followers per week, other than getting lucky with some viral content, or getting PR from a big news site.

How Our Group Works

We’ve launched the Transform Fitspo Engagement group and want you to be a part!

Unlike Instagram engagement groups, which can only have 15 participants, and you have to commit to be available to engage all day, our group is different.

The Transform Fitspo Engagement group is on the Telegram app, meaning there can be hundreds of members.

You can also opt in to any of the engagements each day, so if you’re too busy to commit to commenting and liking content, you just don’t opt into an engagement round.

If you have a post you really want to do well – a sponsored post for example, you can post that just before an engagement round starts and opt into the round. You will then be entered into the engagement round and all of the other members that do the same will like and comment on your post, making it do 10-100x better than usual!

How To Use Our Group

You download the Telegram app on your phone or desktop:

Then join our group

Register in 2 minutes by sending your Instagram account name to our robot ( by private messaging “/start” to it, and then “@youraccountname” so it knows which account is yours.

There are 5 engagement rounds each day in the group, so you can just pick the ones that suit you best.

The group gets a notification one hour before each engagement round starts, and you opt into them by simply typing “/in” in the group during that hour.

When the round starts you’re sent a list of all of the other Instagram accounts that have opted into this round. Your account name is sent out to everyone else that opts into the round.


You then copy and paste that list into your Instagram (usually by DMing it to yourself) and have 90 minutes to click through each of the accounts and like + comment on their most recent photo. Everyone else does the same for your most recent photo.

That’s all! Our robot then checks through everyone’s latest photos to make sure people are playing fair and actually commenting and liking on everyone else’s posts. Anyone that doesn’t do this gets a warning. This shouldn’t be a problem as if you’re too busy to commit to an engagement round, you just don’t enter it in the first place 🙂

You can have hundreds of super relevant accounts, each with 1,ooo+ followers engage with your content. You content will then be shown to hundreds of thousands, to millions of relevant followers through the explore page!

We’re offering access to the group for free. However, we will regularly check the members of the group to make sure they’re all women that have made fitness transformations, and that they have 1000+ followers.


Let’s team up and win at Instagram together ?