Making Dieting Easy With Ivonne Martinez

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Ivonne is a kick-ass fitness girl, originally from Columbia and now living in Florida. She’s started building a loyal Instagram following at @IvonneMartinez1, sharing inspirational posts to help others drop weight and get into great shape!

Take a look at my recent interview with Ivonne to check out her tips for making habits you can keep❤️

What led you to want to make your lifestyle transformation and where are you at now?

Hello guys, my name is Ivonne Martinez, and I’m from Columbia, but I live in Tampa, Florida. If you have any questions please send me a message through Instagram or Facebook 🙂

I lost 37 pounds, and it took me 3 years to do. I’m still pushing myself to go where I want to go.

What was the hardest part about making your transformation and how did you overcome it?

The hardest part is not waking up and going to the gym, no, the hardest part is the food. You know why? I use to eat 2 hamburgers per day, with fries and soda. I know, it’s terrible. When I decided to change my life I was the kind of girl that eats broccoli and chicken. So that process of changing everything, 100% was terrible for me. I think everybody can go to the gym for 30 minutes, or 40, or go running, but not everybody can control what they are eating for the whole day. So for me that was the hardest part.

If you could only offer one piece of advice, technique or strategy for women looking to transform themselves, what would it be?

My advice would be 

Don’t be the kind of person that just eats broccoli and chicken, broccoli and chicken, because you will get bored about the food, and then you will give up!”

So prepare tasty food! Go to the supermarket, you can find really healthy and delicious stuff. For example, you could make pancakes with sugar free caramel, sugar free chocolate chips. You just have to pay attention to your portion size. Don’t make a big stack of pancakes. Control yourself.

Some other advice, girls especially would be alcohol. Stay away from it! Sometime I decide to eat a pizza instead of drinking alcohol. I do this because we accumulate fat more easily that boys. I know, boys are lucky! So, that’s my advice for you. And drink a lot of water (or tea).

Do you have any favourite fitness resources or information sources?

For fitness resources I just follow girls on Instagram for motivation, but not really for food. Sometimes you will see just broccoli and chicken!

Any final things you want to mention?

For more advice, push yourself! I know it’s hard, I know sometimes you will want to give up, don’t do that. You will be so happy. At this time in my life, I’m the happiest girl in the world, because everyone is asking me how I’ve done it 🙂 There is another secrets, you just get into it and change your food. There is no real secret. You just change some habits that you use to have, but not any more. It’s just about that. It’s easy. Trust me. It’s easy if you push yourself.

Just prepare your mind, go step by step. Don’t change everything at the same time, please!

And that’s it. Thanks so much for listening. I’m so happy to talk to you 🙂