Weight Loss Inspiration with Jordan

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Jordan was terrified when she started developing diabetes symptoms and she decided to make a change! She’s managed to lose an incredible 120+ pounds and is inspiring others to make a change as well at @JordanShrinks.

I managed to speak to Jordan quickly for this punchy interview. Take it all in ❤️

What led you to want to make your lifestyle transformation and where are you at now?

I was largely motivated by my health. I had various symptoms that suggested my body was really unhealthy. I was scared that I ruined my body. I was constantly faced with symptoms of diabetes. I felt so self conscious about it but was too afraid to go to a doctor. I knew I had to change. Today, I am very confident in my health. All my diabetes symptoms are gone. My resting heart rate is excellent. My blood pressure is optimal. I’m very happy with my progress so far!

What was the hardest part about making your transformation and how did you overcome it?

The hardest part was portion control. I suffered a lot from binge eating beforehand. I could easily eat 5 or 6 servings of a meal all to myself. It was difficult to unlearn the toxic eating habits I had developed.

Do you have any favourite fitness resources or information sources?

I get almost all of my information from Instagram. I love the dynamic weight loss community on Instagram. Everyone is always sharing their recipes and exercise routines.

If you could only offer one piece of advice, technique or strategy for women looking to transform themselves, what would it be?

I would say that it’s important to view your weight loss as a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.

Work towards developing a sustainable lifestyle that you enjoy. That will make it easier to stick it and will ensure you don’t gain weight back in the future.

Any final things you want to mention?

I know it seems daunting at first. I felt very discouraged when I first started. Losing 140lbs seems like a massive commitment (and it is). But time goes by quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be where you want to be. Don’t give up. If I can do it, so can you!