Leg Day For Women – How I Worked Out for Sexy Curves

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Leg Day For Women – How I Worked Out for Sexy Curves

Celebrate leg day for women with Sumeet, who has made an amazing transformation. Here is some advice from her on building sexy curves in the gym! Follow her on Instagram at @sumeet_sahni and  check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

In honor of Thunder Thigh Thursday, I wanted to share my thigh-progress.
103 lbs vs 140 lbs. 2011 vs 2016.
So what the heck have I been doing for 5 years?

  1. Training legs (bodybuilder style) 2-3x a week (inspiration taken from lots of ppl, but workouts designed by me).
  2. Working with expert coaches to learn about diet and nutrition (now I’m doing all my own diet). And let me tell you, you HAVE to eat to grow!
  3. Overall started treating my body much, much better. I reduced the amount of drinking I was doing, I started working on my negative self talk, and worked daily on improving myself inside and out.
  4. Patience. Changing your body takes YEARS and a lot of experimenting. Who ever try’s selling you bullshit programs that guarantee a new body in weeks, run, run really fast??‍♀️?. Lol.

This has taken 5 years and I can’t wait to see where I am in another 5.
Happy Thunder Thigh Thursday!”