How to Lose Weight and Keep it off

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Juliana has made an amazing transformation, here is advice about not just losing weight, but the importance of keeping it off! Follow her on Instagram at @juemagrecendo and the original story post on our Instagram is here.

“Is it difficult to lose weight ??? The weight loss is discussed and sold at all times for everyone.
The world walks overweight, worldwide obesity is increasing at all ages.
And with that, thousands of miracle products come up every day with the magic solution for weight loss and tell me why obesity is a problem anyway?
According to a survey published last month by the American Journal of Public Health, 76,000 men and 99,000 women were tested for weight loss. The result of the research is scary showing that for obese patients maintaining weight loss is rare and the chance of achieving normal weight is extremely rare.
What this article is clearly showing is that first
– do not get fat – once overweight almost always overweight! Take care not to get fat. Excess fat is disease! And please, do not allow children to be overweight!
– that weight loss is easy and maintaining weight loss and managing weight is the most difficult.

So my dear, we see every day people who have lost weight in various ways like training and diet, or bariatric surgeries or liposuction or know what and after a time have gained weight again and sometimes even more.
Because ? Because it is easy to lose weight fast friends is having a healthy lifestyle. What we need to learn urgently is to take care of the two pillars of health and weight management which is:
– healthy, balanced and regular diet
– training and regular and routine physical activity.

So the answer to this post is do not want to lose weight. Because you had returned to your fat body. Want to change your lifestyle, change habits, change the way you eat, change the way you move your body, change the way you look at food and life, change everything.
Those that you know that have lost weight and maintained weight are those who have not returned to the fat world.”