The Mindset to Lose 150 Pounds

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The Mindset to Lose 150 Pounds

Tessa has made an amazing transformation, losing half of her body-weight, here is a little motivation from her, sharing the mindset needed to lose 150 pounds! Follow her on Instagram at @tessasweightlossjourney and check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

“We all start somewhere. The point is that you start and you make a commitment to live the best life you can. It isn’t easy and there will be set backs, but it is what you do in those moments that will ultimately make you stronger.

I will be honest.

I struggle.

Every. Single. day.

Do I always want to workout? No.

Would I rather just devour the cupcake that is on my counter? Yes.

But how is that going to help me? Is that going to make me feel better?

Will it get my closer to my goals.

This journey is so much more of a mental one than anything else and I am finding that out more and more every day. The scale lately is hovering a few pounds heavier but I am trying so hard to not let that number define me and focus on photos like this to remind me how far I have come. I’ve taken my life back and I won’t let anyone – myself included – bring that down. “