Motivational Message from Angelica to Help You Lose Weight!

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Angelica has made an amazing transformation, here is her motivational advice! Follow her on Instagram at @jelz808 and the original story post on our Instagram is here.

“Success towards weight loss is breaking bad habits and building new ones. I procrastinate my workouts and I may not have the best diet either but I get back on it. I feel horrible if I go long periods of eating bad and not working out and it’s because it’s become a lifestyle. However, I do go up and down in weight (10-20Ibs) sometimes stress or water retention or my body just wanting to extenuate my women curves but you know what No matter what size, as long as I know I’m working towards my health, I’m happy. Remember, you’re a constant work in progress…? 2016 is your YEAR! Make it happen. Sometimes I don’t see progress until I look back on how far I’ve come. I’m coming up on my 4 year weight loss anniversary? CHEERS to a New You.”