Weight Loss Affirmation to Pick You Up When You Want to Quit

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Fie’s Weight Loss Affirmation

Fie has made an amazing transformation, here is a great weight loss affirmation from her! Follow her on Instagram at @fiefriedrichsen and check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

“I’m trying to give myself a little peptalk here. I really need it.
Maybe you guys can use it too? You’re more than welcome that’s for sure!

So Fie, try and go back. Back 4 years ago. Try to remember the pain you felt, emotionally and physically.

Remember how it felt running 100 meters and feeling sore almost everywhere?

Remember not being able to stand up for long, because your feet started to hurt and your knees couldn’t take the weight.

Remember not being able to fit into flyseats?

Remember not being able to find a single type of clothes that you actually liked?

Remember all the judging hurtful comments and looks from people, who didn’t knew you or your story?

Remember sitting on the bathroom floor, crying your eyes out and almost screaming in pain (emotional pain) with a lot of pills in your hands, literally hitting yourself in the head saying: “I hate myself, I hate my life – I don’t want to live anymore!”

Remember how your life was. Remember the overwhelming pain. The loneliness. The depression. The emptiness.


Remember why it’s so priceless.

Remember how far you’ve come!

I know it can be hard to see sometimes, and you tend to forget it. I know you still struggle. I know you still stumble and fall. (And that’s ok btw!) But I do also know, that you’ve been through hell and back, and made it! You’ve been through so much worse .. You have every reason to believe in yourself, and what you’re capable of in life. I know you can be your own worst enemy, but don’t forget what this journey has taught you. Don’t forget to cherish that! Don’t forget how hard you have fought for this. Don’t forget to show yourself some LOVE! ❤️ You have ALWAYS been worthy and valued!”