How One Moment Can Make You Lose 100 Pounds..

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Patricia has made an amazing transformation, here is a little motivation from her! Follow her on Instagram at @lil_bootie_pattie and check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

“This whole journey has been a road to success for me.

Every emotional step I’ve made from loving myself, building confidence, and losing weight .. to transforming into a beautiful butterfly… ?? I feel like I made it to the Finnish line , I finally get to live out my dreams… I can vividly remember myself at 266lbs taking a picture in the mirror telling myself I’m done and I demand change… never stop or gotten discourage I push through all the negativity from ppl and my tranquility of thinking that one day I will get to my goal and be so proud of myself.

God is good ahhhhh the time and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t know where I would be. He spoke to me from the reflection of myself at 266lbs and I just feel so aaahhhh-mazing ❤️???? – FALLING IN LOVE WITH MYSELF ALL OVER AGAIN”