This Ordinary Woman Lost 40 Pounds in 8 Weeks! When You Found Out How, You’ll Be Astonished.

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Casey has made an amazing transformation, here is a little motivation from her! Follow her on Instagram at @beautifulu_pinup and check out our Instagram for more inspiring posts daily!

“On the 27th September 2012 I saw a photo of myself dressed as Batgirl for my sons first birthday. Now by all accounts on the day I thought I looked bloody fantastic but the photos told a different story. And being me and denying my weight was an issue I demanded someone send me a more accurate angle of myself as these ones I were looking at were clearly WRONG!!!! Nope guess who was wrong???? ME!!!!
That was my turning point, my defining moment, my penny drop as you will…. But how? Where? What? I had done numerous diets in the past and lost a little to then quit and gain a lot…. How could I change this and change it forever?!?!?!

So I downloaded an app called 5K Runner. Thinking in the back of my mind it would be like every other thing and id start id lose a kilo and id quit… So I started… And on day 1 alI I had to do was run (shuffle in my case) for 30 seconds and walk for a minute and a half and repeat this 6 times… WOW I seriously thought I was going to die (I was 159 kilos after all) but I kept at it with my gorgeous husband in tow, pushing our 1 year old in the pram (purely for moral support as he is perfect and doesn’t need to lose a pound) and after the first 2 weeks I had 7 kilos?!?!?! That there was motivation to see this app through… and after the 8 weeks I had already lost over 18 kilos!!!! So I kept running, eventually adding in some Zumba, then came some Beach Bodies Insanity workouts (in the winter in the comfort of my own home) then after 3 years came the gym… Man do I love to work out!!!!

In the beginning my diet didn’t change all that much, just cutting out Fizzy, Pasta, Cheese and Potato’s before I started to follow a semi Paleo diet (who knew I could eat Bacon and Eggs every day and lose weight?!?!?!!?) It has now been 4.5 years since my extremely interesting sometimes frustrating but never boring journey began and I have shed 76 kilos of pure gross unneeded FAT!!!

Now go out and Shrink and Get Strong!!!!!”