Overcoming Genetics and Stubborn Belly Fat

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How Stefanie Beat Stubborn Belly Fat

Stefanie has made an amazing transformation, beating her genetics and stubborn belly fat! 

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“Good genes?”

Like some of you already know – I really struggled in the past – Being genetically prone to obesity, I was a fat child, with 12-13.

I started counting my calories and felt guilty after 3h cardio and bodyweight exercises every day to eat more than 500kcal A DAY!

Step by step – I cut my calories close to zero (sometimes I ate NOTHING up to 4 DAYS!) and did more cardio… I damaged my metabolism.

At that age joint issues occurred (knees and hip)!

When I started to eat again… I gained fat (with my faves: pasta, bread, nachos and my love: beer, studying all day or working in the office and party hard on weekends) and was blind to see what happens to my body.

I hated the mirror and tried to avoid reflecting surfaces – wearing clothes to hide.

I switched to starve myself again, was afraid of eating…

In the recent past, I have learned a much more intelligent approach to reach my goals without insane restriction.

I chose a lifestyle I could keep up.

It’s still NOT EASY!

I can say I’ve officially gave myself discipline a kick up the ass.

And when I say a kick up the ass, I mean a kick up the ass with steel boots!

Self-discipline is like a thief in the night.

The more you lack self-discipline, the more time it will steal away from you.

And the more time it manages to waste, the harder it’ll be to discipline yourself because of habit.

And trust me I know how difficult it can be to get out of bad habits…

I track my macros and progress in the gym and do body fat measurements with Harpenden skinfold caliper on a weekly base.

And I’m thankful for the support of my beloved Moritz Werner – an amazing coach, my go-to research guy and a man with an insatiable thirst for knowledge!”

Our expert’s thought on the story:

This is a great method to lose weight, self-discipline, however, we are overlooking the biggest thing that has happened and I believe is the key to getting results in your health goals, accountability.
A lot of people don’t know what their macronutrient numbers or calories should actually start at, what to do in the gym or even how to keep their discipline up and I massively recommend that you should hire a coach for this.
No, this isn’t a pitch for you to come and speak to me, if you want to that is 100% cool we can chat but find a coach you resonate with, someone who is going to keep you accountable, allow you to have a life while you’re getting ahead on your fitness goals.
Not only that but the consistency you develop by getting accountable will crossover to multiple areas of your life developing an amazing level of self-discipline in multiple areas.