Same Dress, Different Girl – How I Learned to Work Out Properly, and How You Can Too!

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Anna has made an amazing transformation, here is a little motivation from her! Follow her on Instagram at and check out our Instagram for more inspiring posts daily!

“Gotta love them stretchy dresses ? it’s actually the same dress!

First to pictures are September 2014/third pic October 2016 ?
On the first 2 pic I was already going to the gym for awhile, and that was the times of crazy 3 hours a day cardio sessions.

I do realise now that it seemed like my sessions were so tiring and high intensity, and that’s how I have started my fitness journey, having no clue what I was doing and thinking the more cardio the better as cardio “burns fat” ?

Screw that ? was doing 3 hours of cardio every day writing down my weight and measurements (at some point my waist was 115cm ? while my hips were 110cm) and was losing very little weight or nothing since I felt so tired after the gym felt like I have been moving mountains all day so I was eating not how I was supposed to be eating. Wish I knew back then.

Anyway, I don’t regret how my fitness journey started, we all start somewhere, but my point is cardio alone will never give you a body that you are aiming for ? Unless all u care is digit on the scale, as you will lose fat together with muscle mass even if u didn’t have much and will end up “skinny fat” in best case scenario.

If you only just starting your fitness journey take a lot of pics and keep your old outfits ??”