? You Can Transform Your Body Without Calorie Restriction or Counting?!

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Gracehas made an amazing transformation, here is a little motivation from her! Follow her on Instagram at @gracefituk and check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

“?JANUARY TO AUGUST? 147lb-135lb ?
No restriction, no counting calories (after I realised how bad it was for me mentally), no cutting out food groups, just good old movin’ and groovin’ and eating wholesome nutritious foods ?????? I cut from around march to June and then have maintained since then (hence this looking similar to June!), but actually being able to maintain is a symptom of not being super restrictive with my fat loss. Take it slow ❤

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Not everything has to be super complicated & you don’t need to follow some new trend or what every fitspo seems to be doing on social media – just take it day by day and enjoy the process ? set small goals, find what works for YOU and you won’t even notice the time passing before you see the changes you always wanted ?
the time is going to pass anyway, you might as well make it count ✨”