Her Weight Loss Solutions to Losing 100 pounds

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Harshi’s Weight Loss Solutions

Harshi has made an amazing transformation. Here are her weight loss solutions that helped her lose 100 pounds naturally! She’s a real inspiration! Follow her on Instagram at @hashi88 and check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

“I have always been overweight since childhood. Even through high school I struggled with my weight and had self image issues. During my first year of university I tried to change my eating habits to lose weight but had less or no motivation at all. With the stresses of university I ate really bad and continued to struggle with my weight.

I have always wanted to dress nicely and have the curves to show off, but because of my overweight body it seemed a dream.

Then one day a friend upload a group photo with me in it on Facebook , and I got really bad comments on my figure and how overweight I was. I was devastated and had a emotional breakdown.

After that I decided to fully commit to losing the weight, so started eating healthy and going to the gym 6 days a week. After 10 months of fully committed to the diet and training, I lost 42 kgs.

This change in my body further motivated me to keep going. I started to dress nicely and loved to show my new curves. This added further to my motivation.
I trained harder and became stronger and fitter. My ultimate motivation is the results I see within myself and that itself is my inspiration.”