What Exercise Burns The Most Calories The Fastest?

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In the world we live in it can get pretty overwhelming how busy we all are.

Add the level of stress we are under and deadlines which we have to meet with family life and I 100% get it when people say they’ve not got the time to get to the gym or workout.

This is where my list of the top 5 calorie burners are going to come in real handy.

These movements and workouts are going to be here ready for you, not just on those days where you’re crushed for time but also when you want to boost your normal sessions and are wondering what exercise burns the most calories.

1. Running

I usually prefer people to run outside, it’s going to burn a little more calories due to the added impact it will have on your core with the pavements and changes in surfaces but the treadmill will also allow you to burn a good amount of calories too.

It isn’t unusual that you could burn 10-15 calories, maybe a little bit more per minute if you’re pushing yourself, add some intervals in too and you will be working the heart a little harder alongside benefiting from something called EPOC.

Excess post exercise oxygen consumption, this is similar to your car when you stop a long journey and the engine needs to cool down so you’ll stop the car and for minutes later the fan keeps going, your body does this too.

After hard exercise sessions like intense runs your body will want to replenish it’s muscle glycogen, ATP and oxygen levels alongside then look to repair the worked muscles and restore your core temperature back to normal, it takes more calories to do this, make sure you utilize this theory.

2. Rowing

This is great for burning calories, you literally use so many muscles the body has no choice but to let go and burn the calories – your back, shoulders, legs, core, biceps all get good workouts when rowing, of course, the intensity is going to make a good amount of difference here but the caloric burn is similar to running if you’re going at the right intensity.

You can also add in intervals like the running here to get that EPOC effect, I do this myself by rowing steady as a warm up around 5-10 minutes then going literally all out for 15 seconds before letting my body recover for 45 seconds and repeating the process 10 times, following this I will then cool down for another 5-10 minutes depending on my schedule.

3. Burpees

There is a reason burpees can get a bad rep, they are hard if you make them worthwhile but also require no equipment and can be performed in minimal space.

To complete a burpee you squat down, jump your feet back so your body is in a press up position, do a full push up, jump back to the lower squat position and up into the air before repeating the process.

Calorie burn will differ based on person to person and their bodyweight along with intensity time but when I have had clients track calories they will get around 10 calories per minute once again, great exercise and even better performed regularly – rest days are 30 burpee days.

4. Swimming

I suck at swimming, I sink, but when I have put my mind to it the calorie burn has been amazing, then I have quit and forgot how to do it, it’s an excuse I know but this is an article about what exercise burns the most calories, this is one of them, it’s just full disclosure for me to say, as a professional in the fitness industry, I hate swimming.

Depending on the stroke you’re choosing will make the number of calories go up or down, breast stroke seems to be one a lot of people can do for a long period of time and will usually burn between 15-20 calories per minute. Freestyle I have seen people burn 20-25 per minute but need a break a little sooner.

Key here is to find what one works best for yourself and get consistent at performing it in the local pool, don’t quit, like me.

5. Hill Workouts

Whether you are going to be running or cycling I have added this in as it’s an amazing calorie burning along with being great at promoting EPOC in the body. Even better, the higher the incline the more calories you’ll burn.

Find a good hill around 100 meters and repeat the sprint up, walk down method a good 10-20 times, I guarantee it’ll speed up your workouts, fat loss, weight loss and increase your health exponentially.

6. Strength Training

It may seem weird to you that this is included here but strength training will not just allow you to burn calories real fast but also is one of the quickest way of really improving your body shape and reaching your weight loss goals the quickest when interlinked with a healthy balanced diet.

The problem is that people get confused when they want to lose weight or tone they are actually dropping fat in order to reveal muscle that has been built with the hard work.

Women won’t build the muscle as quickly as guys purely down to their hormonal status however I have seen many women shy away from the weight section for this specific reason, they think they will get big and bulky.

This is a big problem as then the cardio machines get all taken up and people shrink themselves into smaller versions of themselves, smaller versions with the same amount of fat just less muscle.


What exercise burns the most calories then?

That will be down to what exercise you’re going to be the most consistent with over time, it’s all great actually knowing which exercise will get you the most caloric burn but if you don’t have any enjoyment doing that exercise or it is painful, you won’t do it enough.

The key is having an overall plan which includes both cardio and strength trainingl. This will be the quickest way when added to a healthy balanced nutrition protocol for you to get the results you’re desiring. If you want one specifically made for your needs then feel free to message me and we can chat further