My Workout Transformation – How It’s Changed My Life

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My Workout Transformation – How It’s Changed My Life

Conner has made an amazing workout transformation, here is a little motivation from her about the little changes to her life that make the biggest difference! It’s not always just being slim that makes you feel better, read to find out more! Follow her on Instagram at @crensch and check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

“There are many defining moments in my journey up to this point. People may think that competing in this competition is my biggest defining moment, but I always look back on the little things. Being able to wrap a towel around myself, having someone hug me and not feel uncomfortable, going into a store and knowing they have my size.

These are the moments that have forever changed me. It’s not just about losing weight, but being able to define who I am that has been the most important. It’s been overwhelming the amount of love and support that I have been blessed with.

I hope that I can continue to reach out and inspire people to accomplish all their goals well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Stay beautiful ??”